It’s been a year since we started with Indiedots, and in a step to go further and continue growing, we now present Indietter, a sister project that shares the same spirit and philosophy but with clearly different objectives from this project.

Indietter was born out of the need to have a segmented channel available to enhance and grow Indiedots. Initially, it was just an idea that evolved into its own project, with a long journey ahead but full of enthusiasm.

Connecting brands with advertisers

The purpose behind the project is simple: any brand or content creator can join the project, a process known as becoming an Indietter, and their acquisition channel, whatever type it may be, will become part of the showcase alongside other Indietters. The idea is to cover all kinds of projects that have a digital space for advertisers or sponsors: from newsletters to streamers, influencers, and other content creators.

Becoming an Indietter does not require any commitment, and the best part is that it will provide free resources that will be developed and added over time.

Currently, the project is in the beta phase, looking for creators who want to join and participate in it. Once launched, we will ramp up the machinery to connect brands or creators with advertisers or sponsors. One of the advantages of Indietter is that Indietters won’t have to worry about communication and management with advertisers: Indietter will take care of everything.

And where’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. Indietter would take a small commission for each service provided, but we adopt a flexible fee policy with which we are completely open to negotiating the commissions, always seeking the most satisfactory middle ground for both parties.

Become an Indietter

Becoming an Indietter isn’t very mysterious. We have an application form that simply needs to be filled out, and we will review the proposal. It’s very simple.

In short, all we need is to know about your project, the more, the better. From what type of project you have, to what theme it corresponds to, prices, how it’s sponsored, how much audience you have, how often you publish, etc.

You can always contact us, and we will review your request. If everything is perfect, we will publish your project, and you will already have your page available on Indietter. We want to offer a personalized service, so we will adapt to the needs of each one, so don’t hesitate to express any concerns you may have.

Advantages with Indiedots

All Indietters will be able to enjoy a series of advantages and rewards just for becoming Indietter, and one of them has to do with Indiedots.

All those who become Indietters will receive a unique discount code with which they can purchase any of our brands at a reduced price. On the other hand, they will also receive an exclusive affiliate code: for every sale on Indiedots with that code, they will receive a 10% commission.

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