After 9 months in operation, we have surpassed the availability of 70 domains and brands on our site. 70 Indiedots brands are now available worldwide, and with a special offer: an exclusive discount of up to 5% for any purchase!

We begin by reviewing some of the brands in our portfolio. Indiedots started its journey with brands like Blaveta ( and Workalover (, which continue to stand out as some of the best brands we have in terms of powerful names, unique domains, and branding. From that initial batch, two have been updated to enhance their branding, aiming for a better alignment with their brand objectives: Hangrify ( and Korohaus (

New batch of brands with up to 20 new brands

As usual, every month we add new domains and brands to our library, and in recent months, there have been some significant additions that stand out above the rest. Let’s review some of these.

Let’s start with Cloenda (, a powerful Catalan name that could well mean “conclusion,” but its most accurate translation is “closing ceremony,” referring to the final part of an event or monologue. We found it to be a remarkable name not only with great potential but also ideal and perfect for a podcast service or application. This is emphasized with a logo featuring bold yellow colors and an elegant iconography that encapsulates a microphone.

Next, we have Idiolecto (, a refined name dominated by the minimalism of its font, a name that suggests a focus on linguistic diversity and authenticity, capturing the essence of uniqueness in the digital world. Its applications are limitless, ranging from marketing agencies to AI-based text tools. Can you imagine its capabilities?

If you love the minimalism of Idiolecto, we also have other names with a similar trend, such as Apatica (, Preclara (, Nonganica (, Cortelogica (cortelogica), and Wantastico ( All perfectly designed to adapt to a variety of uses and applications.

Other names that we love from the latest batch are Gunmata ( and Killaholic ( Who says a brand name must be exclusively friendly? Aggressiveness can sometimes be useful to identify and differentiate from other brands in the market. These names go beyond all conventional limits, embodying underground culture and imposing authority. If you have a musical, sports, or cryptographic technology project, these names may be good candidates for what you’re looking for.

Apart from the ones already mentioned, here’s a list of all the others we have added in the last few months:

Small disclaimer: we now also accept dollars

Coinciding with the new batch of brands, one of the most significant changes at Indiedots is the support for payments in dollars. Until recently, it was only possible to pay in euros, but now, along with the language selector, you will find the option to switch between EUR and USD. Depending on the geographical area, the corresponding currency may be applied, but it will still be possible to change manually, even in the payment gateway.

Prices in euros remain at an average of €495, while in dollars, the average will be $459.

Get your first brand with a 5% discount

To conclude, we are offering everyone a 5% discount on the purchase of any brand from our catalog. These brands include the domain, branding, and technical support. Additionally, for an additional fee, you can request logo changes. Check prices and information in the Help section.

To request the discount, you just need to choose the brand you like the most and use the discount code GETBETTER at the checkout. Once the code is applied, the discount will be deducted from the final price before any payment.

If you want to stay informed about future discounts, don’t forget that you can also subscribe to our newsletter. You can do so in the form a little further down or in the Coupons and Discounts section.

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