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Each name has been carefully designed to convey innovation, professionalism and excellence.

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Find the perfect name that represents the values and personality of your business.

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We provide personalized advice and guarantee that you will find the perfect domain for your project.

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With Indiedots you can find the perfect name for your brand without worrying about finding the perfect name. Our constantly growing library of brands, domains and designs will make your life easier.

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We will accompany you throughout the process of launching your brand

We will assist you with registering the DNS of your new domain and creating customized email addresses.

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Best Brand Alternative

Stop paying thousands to name your startup.

  • Most below $500.
  • Own and original design logos
  • Custom design concepts
  • Multiple and popular TLD’s
  • Carefully selected domains
  • Private seller
  • 24/7 technical support

Other brandable sites

Resellers, mostly.

  • Most above $3.000
  • Outsourced Logo Design
  • Basic logo templates
  • Only .com domains
  • Many low quality domains
  • Third party reseller
  • Without after-sales service or email support

What value does one of your domains have for me?

Naming is not easy. Founding a startup or a company has a crucial aspect that determines the success of the project: its name. At Indiedots, we employ artificial intelligence and professionals to find the most promising domains for creating new brands and emerging companies anywhere in the world.

What sets us apart from Brandpa and Brandbucket?

Firstly, we are a private seller. We create, select, and personally register all our names. We do not work with resellers nor charge any kind of commission.

What do we bring that other markets don't offer?

We dedicate hours of research and analysis to select names that perform the best. Instead of descriptive names like those offered by Brandpa (e.g.,,, we choose to focus on neologistic or associative names that build a brand identity, such as Binance, Ikea, or Mashable.

Do the domains also include the logo?

Certainly. Along with the domain and technical support, you will also receive the logo design with its original files, which will become your property and can be modified as desired. All our logos have been carefully designed and are 100% original.

Do you need a website?

If along with your brand domain you also need to build a website, we can help you. Our developments are fast, unique and scalable.

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